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photography + video production

Developing shoot briefs/story boards, arrange props, talent and decor for shoots, scout locations, be available to work with you before, during and post and capture.

And behind-the-scenes content and provide a selection of high-quality images and video in your desired format for all applications.

Professional photography video production Byron Bay is a must in todays markets and is one of the best ways to establish a brand.

Everyone likes looking at visually appealing images. This is one of the biggest reasons that photographs are used for marketing products. Once we see a photo we like, we immediately try to process that information it is trying to give us. But these images become more effective if they have the authenticity that people are looking for.

The images you use to promote and market your brand should have a visual style that’s unique but easy to identify. This style should be consistent across all the marketing platforms you use, and from the very first day you start the branding campaign. Yes, you can use stock photos, but they won’t be authentic because they do not show your actual product. They do not have a unique visual style.

If you value your product, brand, and company; if you care about your consumers, you should hire c55 to help you launch your branding campaign. It is the most ideal, creative, and practical way to achieve the look and feel of the brand you are building. Hiring a professional photographer is the best way to taking your brand to the highest level by attracting the right market and delivering a powerful message.

Photography video production Byron Bay is a must in todays markets.

Do you use video as part of your marketing strategy? Not only is YouTube the second most popular search engine (behind Google), which just goes to show how popular videos are, but people naturally gravitate to video over text.

Video serves as a great introduction to your business

There is no substitute for face-to-face communication, but video can be a strong second.  Authenticity and humanising your business by using video is a great way for people to start to know, like and trust you.

Business videos are a powerful way to improve your profile.

Small business videos done right can provide a very powerful asset that will help your business be found online.  Video search engine optimisation (video SEO) is too often ignored when businesses create videos.

Videos for business work on many marketing channels

The reality of being found online for business today is that they need to consider many marketing channels.  The great thing about a video for a small business is that you can use one piece of marketing content – the business video – and use it across many marketing channels.  You can use the same video on YouTube, embed it on your website, upload it to Facebook, add it to your business directory listings, include it in your email marketing, and so much more. This can be very POWERFUL when done right and provides a lot of bang for your marketing buck.

Business Videos as a Call to Action

Video for a business can also serve as a strong call to action to get a customer to try or buy from your business.  By creating a no cost / low cost and no risk / low risk way to try your business, video can provide a great way to deliver a call to action to get your potential customer to take that next step. The try offer must be compelling, and the video obviously must be highly relevant to the call to action.

Video works great on mobile devices

In the last few months, Google has reported that more than 60% of Google searches are now occurring on a mobile device.  Facebook is also frequently used by people on a mobile device, as is YouTube.  Viewing a video on a mobile device through a variety of sites just works.

Videos can help you reduce and/or avoid costs

Businesses can create how-to and training videos that can either help reduce their costs or allow them to avoid costs.  Are there tasks you perform or questions that your business frequently gets where creating a video one time and sharing that video will save your business time and money?

For example, an HVAC contractor who frequently get calls on how to program a thermostat can create a video to demonstrate how to, and then they can reduce or eliminate service calls that don’t pay for themselves (factoring in drive times and allowing the company to focus on more lucrative service calls).  And the customer will be happy because they didn’t have to pay for a service call thanks to the how-to video!

Another example is onboarding a new client – do it once, record it and provide it as a resource for your client that they can refer to repeatedly.

Videos make for great ads on Facebook and on YouTube

Some of the videos you created for a small business are great to turn into ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  Facebook has recently released several great new features for video advertisers, and many project that Facebook will see a dramatic increase in video.  Advertising on YouTube can also be very powerful.  With both Facebook and YouTube, you have amazing targeting criteria to use for your ad so that you aren’t wasting your money running your ad to people who don’t care about your company, product, or service.

With the right targeting, using you video as the basis for an ad can be a very cost-effective alternative to advertising on TV.  You can often use the same video that you have on your website, so there are no additional production costs, just the cost associated with creating the ad campaign (targeting, landing page creation, monitoring, etc), and then the cost of the ads themselves (either a cost per impression or a cost per click model).

Photography video production Byron Bay is a must in todays markets.

everyone likes visually appealing images