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Don’t lose business! 24/7, 365 days a year your business is live for your customers.

Access the web effortlessly with the convenience of having it at your fingertips, and elevate your online shopping experience with the Byron Bay ecommerce website. Our platform offers a swift and efficient means for customers to discover and explore products and services that pique their interest.

Businesses without a professionally designed website tend to lose many potential customers and sales.

A website has now become the means of generating more business than any other medium of advertising and promotion on the planet. Checkout some of our Work.

Ecommerce website design Byron Bay are your go to professionals.

When you engage c55, you know your site will be created to suit your business.

We will evaluate your business, products, and work with you towards your goals.

So, do you want to generate online sales (Ecommerce website design Byron Bay, Bangalow and Australia wide) or will your site be for informational purposes only?

Once these and other questions are answered, your site will be designed to meet your specific needs. Also, DIY websites don’t have creative knowledge, don’t understand viewers traits and what attracts them to engage, so why would you use one and damage your business reputation.

Website and ecommerce website design builders limit the capabilities of your site and often restrict graphics and text. c55 is not captive to these restrictions, we understand how people interact with websites and create accordingly.

The way your site looks

Accordingly, the way it navigates, the way it feels, the colours and graphics used are extremely important.

Also, visitors do not like to search for information, nor do they wish to be barraged with loud colours, crowded text and honestly, crap images.

c55 will make sure that your colour scheme, text, and navigation are designed to be user-friendly and branded along your business philosophies.

We will make sure you and your customers will want to spend time on your site. So, the longer they stay, the better chance of a sale or retaining your services.

The Internet changes daily

New technologies, new computer codes, new ways to draw visitors to your site happen each day. So with c55, you can be assured that the site being created is with the latest technologies for optimal success.

We use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

For website and ecommerce website design and over the past couple of years has developed into the world’s leading CMS. Over rivals according to many website journals and our experience. WordPress is used by 43% of all websites in total, 61% of all the websites worldwide. Many big brands use WordPress including CNN, PlayStation, New York Times Blogs, People Magazine, and even Ford.

Your site will be mobile friendly!

Numbers from Statista show that mobile phone users and penetration levels in Australia are constantly on the rise. From 18.6 million users in 2017, the number of Australian smartphone users in 2025 is expected to increase by 4 million. Reaching approximately 29.6 million smartphone users.

5G is upon us

Australian telcos have been trialling the next generation phone network for years. So it’s finally here, and we’re now seeing more and more 5G-capable devices hit stores.

5G is the next major evolution in mobile network technology. Also, as with 4G before it, 5G is focused on mobile data. 5G will promise three major improvements:

  • Faster network speeds: 5G networks will be capable of download speeds as fast as 20Gbps.
  • Lower latency: In plain terms, latency is perhaps best described as the time it takes information to get from your phone to the wider internet and back again.
  • More simultaneous connections: 5G will allow more devices to connect to the network at the same time.

We can’t ignore these stats and we will design your site so it is “responsive” for mobile devices. This means the site will re-size to different phones and tablets making it very easy to view and navigate. We are your ecommerce website design Byron Bay.


What if you can keep your shop open 24-7 and expand your offerings to a national, global audience. This means that you have the potential to create a passive income stream. That is, your revenue doesn’t necessarily rely on great salespeople or opening hours. When you and your customers are no longer restricted by logistics such as location and time of day. So, you have plenty of opportunities to boost revenue in new ways.

If your looking

For an ecommerce website design (Byron Bay, Bangalow and Australia wide) that is both visually appealing and functional? Look no further than our expert ecommerce website design Byron Bay.

We consistently deliver the highest quality hosting services

To our Australian customers on our Sydney based dedicated servers. c55 only hosts websites created by us so we can control all aspects of security. This includes allocated c55 Dedicated IP + SSL security for all website on our servers. We seek to cultivate an environment where our business and our clients can achieve mutual success.

Our website and ecommerce website design hosting environment

Is perfect for your business site, online store, online community, or web-based applications. Our web hosting offer an excellent combination of rock-solid reliability and fast performance at an affordable price.

Designed with the power user in mind our business web hosting feature far fewer users per server than traditional shared hosting plans.

SEO is the organisation of content for website ranking

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of editing and organising the content on a webpage. Or across a website to increase its potential relevance to specific keywords on specific search engines such as Google.

This is done with the aim of achieving a higher organic search listing. Thus increasing the volume of traffic from search engines to your website. SEO is one of the key web marketing activities and can target different kinds of searches. This includes image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for.

Optimising a website

Primarily involves editing its content and HTML coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords. Also to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

Sometimes a site’s structure (the relationships between its content) must be altered too. Because of this it is, from a client’s perspective, always better to incorporate Search Engine Optimisation. Especially when a website is being developed than to try and retroactively apply it.

The reward is that good website optimisation will dramatically improve your chances of getting targeted. For traffic and business from the search engines. For all websites it is essential for SEO success and hence your product awareness.

c55 specialises in new media mainly focusing on developing a high-end profile for our clientele. We have developed our skills and a proven process which guarantees an innovative and effective solution for all our clients. Our design and execution of all project phases, together with our in-house capabilities ensures that you get the most cost effective and timely execution of all your assignments.